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Thank you Taco John's and the Cheyenne Community for helping HOPE raise funds for our Scholarship Program through the Nachos Navidad Taco John's Christmas fundraiser.

Dear Friends of HOPE:

            It is with sadness that the Executive Committee of HOPE has decided to rest some programs.  The programs are HOPE Stars, Teacher of the Year and the annual HOPE Golf Tournament.

            We understand the importance of the programs and feel that over the years, the HOPE Stars program has encouraged students to get involved in their school and community while working for academic excellence.  It was such a pleasure to recognize a LCSD#1 school teacher.  The HOPE Golf Tournament has been the premier fund-raiser for HOPE Scholarships.  However, the large number of charitable golf tournaments in the community and the economy has resulted in low turnout for the HOPE Golf Tournament and it is a lot of work for the small number of volunteers.

            The last few years we have seen a low attendance in membership, volunteers and financial support.  The HOPE Stars program has always had large participation and has continued to grow, however it has been a challenge to get volunteers.   HOPE will re-evaluate these programs and it is our hope that we can get enough participation to be able to reinstate the programs.

            On a positive note, we will continue to provide scholarship opportunities for LCSD#1 students.  Without the fund-raising opportunity of the golf tournament, we will need to downsize the number of scholarships awarded by HOPE.  However, we are committed to find other fund-raising opportunities to fund the scholarship programs.  We also have two endowed scholarships at LCCC that assist us in providing scholarships.

            We thank you for your support over the years and trust you understand how difficult it has been to come to this decision.  We ask for your support as we continue to assist our students in whatever way we can with our limited financial and volunteer resources.


HOPE Executive Board


"Making a positive difference for a brighter future."


HOPE, also known as, the Hispanic Organization for Progress and Education, is a not-for-profit Wyoming organization, which has 501C3 status and is registered with the state of Wyoming.

HOPE's Objectives
  • Work for educational success for Hispanics at all levels and to increase graduation rates by active participation with educational institutions.
  • Support Hispanic students' efforts to gain the training and education necessary to pursue and achieve their ambitions by annually providing college and/or higher education scholarships to deserving Hispanic students.
  • To annually join the community in recognizing and celebrating the educational achievements of Hispanic youth and host a HOPE Honors recognition event.
  • Instill pride in the Hispanic heritage by increasing awareness of the Hispanic through recognition programs, by coordinating workshops, and promoting community cultural and educational events.
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